The N Game – Print&Play

If you’d like to produce your own version of The N Game, here are some steps for the cards:

Step 1: Download the files needed for printing. You’ll need both the Cards-Front File and the Cards-Back File. You’ll also want some way of viewing and printing pdf files, like Adobe Reader.

Step 2: You’ll also need paper for the cards. The print-on-demand version of The N Game uses International Paper’s Carolina Coated Two Sides 12 Point glossy cardstock. Most home printers won’t handle this thick of a stock, so you might want to use a somewhat thinner cardstock like Hammermill 100# Color Copy Cover or equivalent. Some people also like to use a regular weight cardstock (65# Cover or 110# Index) for one side, and a sheet of regular paper for the other side (see information below on duplexing). You can also just print the fronts of the cards and sleeve them.

Step 3: For the thicker stocks, you’ll probably print one side and then run the stock back through the printer for the second side. The two files are centered on the page, depending on your printer’s alignment you may need to print one side upside down from the other (flipping the paper in the input tray) to make the cards line up. We recommend printing the fronts first, since the second side may not line up perfectly.

Step 3a: If you printed the front and the back of the cards on separate sheets, you’ll want to adhere the front of the cards to the backs in a process called duplexing. If you printed one side on a label stock or have access to a Xyron machine or other cold-mount adhesive machine, this can be as simple as peel and stick. If you’ll be using spray adhesive, tape one sheet face-down at each corner to a larger sheet of waste cardstock, then line up the other sheet face-up and tape it along one of the long sides. You can then flip over the top sheet and spray the adhesive onto both sheets. Carefully turn the one sheet over, pressing it down starting at the tape line and working to the opposite side.

Step 4: The least costly (although most time-intensive) way of cutting the cards is to use a metal straight-edge, a X-Acto knife and cutting mat/waste sheet of cardstock. Line up the straight-edge with the crop marks on the top and bottom of the cards and make a cut through one sheet at a time. Cut all the vertical lines first, then begin cutting the horizontal lines. After the last cuts, each of the cards on the sheet should fall out. For thicker sheets, you may need a couple of passed for each cut. Using brand new blades makes things go smoother and cleaner. Alternative methods include using a rotary paper cutter, or paper shear. You can also approach a local print shop (small Mom & Pops will probably give better results than large printshops or national chains in both cost and turnaround time) and ask them to cut according to the crop marks. It may be helpful to let them know that the final size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (with a paper cutter, the crop marks will be cut off after the first few steps, so it’s helpful to know what the final size is supposed to be).

Step 4a: If you like, round the corners. The cards in the print-on-demand version of the game have a 1/4″ rounded corner. Most arts & crafts stores have corner rounders of this size, one of sufficient quality to do one or two decks of cards will be less than $10(US).

Step 5: Separate the Agents/Events cards from the Resource cards and you’ve got cards for The N Game!


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