Swords of the Silver Throne

Swords of the Silver Throne

If I had written Swords of the Silver Throne back when advertising for an independent RPG was something that actually happened, I might have run an ad like this at the back of a game magazine:

As it is, I’m just happy to get the game to this stage, where I really need feedback from the game-playing public. Swords of the Silver Throne is a post-apoc RPG, but it was a magical apocalypse and all of the PCs are immortal bad-asses from the Elvish Isles (who were spared from the destruction due to their remote location and/or magically badass king). I’ve still got a little bit of wiggle-room in the document and the design and I need to know if I’ve got it sufficiently metal!

Here’s the pdf in reading order: 12091-Swords-of-the-Silver-Throne.pdf

And if you do happen to have access to a printer that can handle US Ledger (11″x17″), here’s the same file as a booklet: 12091-Swords-of-the-Silver-Throne-Booklet.pdf

Please let me know what you think.


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