Dragon’s Lair Open Playtest


You are a knight of the kingdom and your lord has charged you and your fellows with slaying the King Dragon, who lives at the peak of the mountain.

Dragon’s Lair is a game for 2-5 players and plays in 30-45 minutes. Original design by Lars Högman, with additional development by Matthew Rodgers. It features a little bit of press-your-luck as you fight dragons and a little bit of resource management as you decide when to make use of your valuable treasures that you’ve earned from defeating the dragons.

Some of the major concerns right now that have caused us to open up the game for blind playtesting is the treasure system. We worry that it might be a little too generous, but we want your feedback. Also, it’s been suggested that having a physical token for the King Dragon would be an important upgrade. The player who defeats the King Dragon may or may not be the ultimate winner, but right now they have nothing to show for it other than having their meeple knight on the top of the mountain.

A zip file containing all of the Print & Play files is available here. Folks looking to put together the game will need to supply their own meeples or pawns and their own dice (only four dice are required by the system, but having more to spread around the table may make the game move faster). Be advised that the art is clip-art/placeholder art; a published game may have different art and/or components.

You’ll need a 1-inch (25 mm) circle cutter, a 1.73-1.75 inch (approx. 45 mm) circle cutter, and some way of printing the tokens and board pieces.

Production Notes:

All of the tokens will need to printed double-sided or printed one side at a time and stuck together. The tokens are two sizes: 1 inch (25 mm) and 1.73 inch (44 mm). Hopefully, craft stores in your neck of the woods have those fairly commonly, or you can use anything close (or a pair of scissors).

The board is provided two ways: the whole board will fit on one A3/Ledger (11×17) sheet (if you can get something that size printed easily) or there are four quadrants, each of which will fit onto an A4/Letter sheet. You could then mount/tape however you want to do it to make a fold-up board. You can use chipboard or cardstock to make a backing for the board.

The rules are in two formats: Reader, which will work for your favorite e-reading device, and Booklet, if you choose to print it out. If you do so, print it doublesided, cut to size and fold down the middle… voila, actual rulebook!

The Actual Board Layout

The outside pages of the rules booklet

The inside pages of the rules booklet

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