Print & Play

Almost all of our games at Mr. W are (or will be) available as print and play games. That doesn’t mean we think they’re not publishable games, we think they’re great games and that most of our customers will want to have us provide a pro-level finished game. But we want to support those who would like to do their own production for the game. This area will always be a work in progress, please contact us to let us know what we can add to improve these resources.

Who’s For Dinner?

Main Resource Page:  including notes on printing, cutting and round-cornering cards and printing, cutting, folding rulebook.

Dragon’s Lair

We now have an open playtest Print & Play edition of Dragon’s Lair available. This game was an entry to the Game Design Showdown on the Board Game Designers Forum a few months ago, and Lars Högman (the original author) and I have spent some time developing the game to the state you see here:

The Components of Dragon’s Lair

Swords of the Silver Throne

Swords of the Silver Throne is a post-apoc RPG, but it was a magical apocalypse and all of the PCs are immortal bad-asses from the Elvish Isles (who were spared from the destruction due to their remote location and/or magically badass king). I’ve still got a little bit of wiggle-room in the document and the design and I need to know if I’ve got it sufficiently metal! Check it out here.

The N Game

Notes on Card Printing:  an introduction to some ideas about printing the cards.

General How-To

A Section for more generalized information on Print & Play processes.


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