Space Traders

Space Traders


Launch into the black of space to save your Home Planet!


Space Traders is a family strategy game for 3-5 players, ages 10 and up. Players mine their Home Planets for resources, then launch trading or raiding missions to the neutral Trading Planets. Space Traders uses modular building bricks for its game pieces, allowing players to upgrade ships during the course of the game. Multiple paths to victory are possible, some players will build many ships and try to restrict access to the Trading Planets while others may build only a few ships and rely on lightening-fast raids.

Space Traders will be a standard brick Print-and-Play or Pay-And-Play game. This means that when the game is released all files necessary (along with step-by-step directions) for assembly will be provided free of charge. A piece listing of the building blocks will also be provided. However, the game will be available for POD purchase on the website as well. POD games include all the bricks necessary to play the game. The suggested retail price includes free shipping for the U.S. and international shipping will be available for a reasonable charge.

Space Traders: 3-5 players, 10+ age, 45-75 minutes. 175 modular building blocks, 12-page full color rulebook. Suggested retail price: $24.95 Release Date: July 2012

Pre-Order Now:

For U.S. Customers,
includes free shipping.

For International Customers, adds $10 for shipping.


Rules Overview for the Basic Game:


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