Public Transit

Public Transit

Making city committee meetings fun…

Public Transit is a light strategy game for 3-6 players, ages 12 and up. Each player is a member of the city committee responsible for planning new routes for the public transporation system. Of course, you have different priorities than the other members of the committee — wanting to make sure the route goes to certain destinations while avoiding the other member’s pet projects. You’ll lay new route markers or adjust the route on your turn, all trying to make sure each color route goes to the destinations in your hand. You might even run two routes together, to make a junction and score extra points.

Public Transit will be a standard Print-and-Play or Pay-And-Play game. This means that when the game is released all files necessary (along with step-by-step directions) for assembly will be provided free of charge. However, the game will be available for POD purchase on the website as well. POD games resemble the advanced prototypes seen in these pictures, but will be even more polished. The suggested retail price includes free shipping for the U.S. and international shipping will be available for a reasonable charge.

Public Transit: 3-6 players, 12+ age, 45-90 minutes. 54 destination cards, 11.5″x14.25″ main board, 6 5.75″ x 3.5″ scoring boards, 108 route markers, 6 junction markers, 6 scoring markers. Suggested retail price: $24.95 Release Date: August 2012



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