Jewels & Doubloons

Jewels & Doubloons


A race for hidden treasure between pirates!


Everytime the Colorbeard Pirates have treasure, they always hide it on their secret island. But the Colorbeards don’t trust each other, and sometimes switch hiding places for their treasure. When it’s time to come back for the treasure it’s always a race to get to the hiding places!

Jewels & Doubloons is our newest game in development, so new that we’re not even sure that the name will stay the same. The pictures shown represent the very first playtest board and will certainly look a lot different when we reach production.

Jewels & Doubloons: 3-4 players, 8+ age, 30-40 minutes. 1 large treasure box, 4 small treasure chests, 24 Gold Doubloons, 20 Copper Doubloons, 8 Jewels, 1 Pistol, 1 board – size unknown (sample size is 21″x21″). Suggested retail price: unknown Release Date: Unknown


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