Who’s for Dinner?

Who’s for Dinner?

Every year, the tribes get

together for a big cookout…

…and everyone wants the honor

of being the main course.

Who’s for Dinner? is a fast and fun card game for 3-5 players, ages 13 and up. Each player plays a tribe of cannibals, trying to put together combinations of spices in their pot to score the most points. There’s no player elimination as a successful “meal” means another member of that player’s tribe will try to outdo their buddy in the cookpot (in other words, players keep trying to go out and the highest total score wins). Collecting sets of items is the ultimate way to win, but there’s a lot of bluffing and misdirection as action cards allow players to steal, swap or otherwise interfere with other people’s cards.

Who’s for Dinner?: 3-5 players, 12+ age, 30-45 minutes. 64 card deck, instructions, tuckbox. Pre-order price: $15.95 Release Date: July 2012


For U.S. Customers,
includes free shipping.

For International Customers, adds $5 for shipping.

The Dice Tower Preview:

Note: The box has changed from the tuckbox that Tom has to the telescoping box shown above. Tom is showing off the prototype cards, you can see the prototype art in the gallery of cards.

Here’s a few of the cards with the new art, more on the way soon!


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