The N Game

The N Game

The first game released by Mr. W Games in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Engage program, The N Game teaches students about the nitrogen cycle. Players move Nitrogen through pools (phases of the nitrogen cycle) by activating Agents (specific, scientifically-named organisms that perform their actual role in the nitrogen cycle) and playing special Events. Players must also carefully manage their Resources and be mindful of the environment — a change from Anaerobic to Aerobic can be deadly to a player’s Agents.

The N Game is available as either a free print-and-play (meaning you download the files and print/produce the game yourself) game or a print-on-demand game (Mr. W Games prints and assembles a complete game for you). 18.75″ x 18.75″ full color game board, 134 full color game cards, 60 Nitrogen tokens, Aerobic/Anaerobic marker, rulebook and reference sheet. The game supports two to four players, ages 12+ and takes about an hour to play. The game is available for purchase now, please allow 1-2 weeks for production and shipping (up to four weeks for international orders).

For U.S. Customers,
includes free shipping.

For International Customers, adds $20 for shipping.

The N Game, showing board and game pieces


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