Available Now

Available Now:

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The N Game

Players move Nitrogen through phases of the nitrogen cycle by activating Agents and playing special Events. Players must also carefully manage their Resources and be mindful of the environment — a change from Anaerobic to Aerobic can be deadly to a player’s Agents!
The N Game
$29.00 for U.S. Customers includes free shipping. $49.00 for International Customers includes shipping.
Allow one to two weeks for production and shipping.


$29.00For U.S. Customers, includes free shipping.

$49.00For International Customers, adds $20 for shipping.

Who’s for Dinner?

Called Cannibal Coup during development, Who’s for Dinner? is a fast and fun card game.

$15.95 include domestic shipping for preorders. International shipping adds $5. Click the image above to order.

Expected release date July 2012.


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