The Development of Who’s for Dinner?

Crossposted from my BGG blog:

I really like the idea of Print & Play (PnP) games but despite having better equipment to produce PnP games than the average bear, I find that I don’t print or play as many as I want to. Thus one of the core ideas for Mr. W Games was created. I bet that a lot of people were in the same boat… they’d like to support more independent creators but the time and trouble of producing their own copy of the game was prohibitive.

I decided that I would try to offer all of my games as free Print & Play games but that I would also offer a Print-On-Demand edition of the game. Those people who had the werewithal to use the free files could do so, but if you were interested in my game, I would send you a completed produced version, for a modest fee. I think it’s a great idea (and was probably an even better idea in 2008 when it first took shape) and I’m working to implement it.

Last year, I took several of my games (Who’s for Dinner?, Public Transit and Space Traders) and put them on the Geek, confident I’d get them in a ready shape for release that year. That turned out to be premature… WFD was showing lots of promise, but Space Traders and Public Transit needed more attention and work for external (read paying) customers took priority over all three. Plus the Kickstarter phenomenon offered a slightly different take on the idea. Instead of releasing the game into the wild and then hunting for sales, I could try it out on Kickstarter and (hopefully) get the orders for those who would want the POD version of the game and maybe get some support for those who liked the idea that I would make the game available as a free Print & Play at a later date.

So now I’ve decided to launch Who’s for Dinner? on Kickstarter (coming very soon) and next time I’ll explain how I put together the reward structure and plan to promote the Kickstarter campaign.


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