Playtesting and Priorities

In the past few weeks, I’ve been able to get together some local playtest groups for Space Traders, Cannibal Coup and Public Transit. it’s been an enlightening experience… Space Traders and Public Transit both received remarks of being a “good game.” while Cannibal Coup elicited responses of “this is the best card game I’ve ever played” and “Is it available for purchase now?”. Public Transit being ranked as a good game didn’t bother me… it’s still young and needs refinement. But the relative ranking of Space Traders and Cannibal Coup means I’m thinking about flipping them in the release schedule… release Cannibal Coup very soon, and give myself a couple more months with Space Traders and Public Transit.

Cannibal Coup will be released as a premium game… all of the playtest groups have remarked upon its wide appeal and gameplay that requires both resource management/set collection and a bit of bluffing/misdirection. It’s my earnest hope to never release a bad game, but I think the truly great games deserve a premium treatment.


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