Mr. W Games is a publisher of card, board and role-playing games. Our philosophy is to support both models of “Print & Play” and “Pay & Play”. In other words, most of Mr. W’s games are free to download and can be printed and played immediately (our Brick games require modular building blocks – which you might have on hand anyways). But for folks who would rather pay for a “prosumer” level of quality, you can pay a reasonable fee and receive a ready to play game. Certain of our games fall into our premium category and are available for purchase directly from our site or from select retailers.

There are three categories to the website: games that are available to download or purchase now, games that are coming soon and a developmental blog about the process of creating games.

The Company:

Matthew Rodgers (matthew@mrwgames.com) is the lead designer for Mr. W Games. In additional to being a game designer, he has worked in the digital prepress and print on demand fields in various capacities for the last fifteen years, giving him unique insight into how to design and produce games that print well and play great.

Dorothy Price (dorothy@mrwgames.com) handles sales and support for Mr. W Games. Her unique blend of customer service skills and detail-orientated organizational ability keeps us flying.


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